Romanticizing Rome

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I truly believe that.

However, my trip to Rome changed that view somewhat. I think there are many sights that cannot be captured through lens and there are experiences that cannot be put down in words. I spent 2 days in Rome while on spring break, touring through European cities and a profound sense of history and culture has lingered on in my mind since.

Rome is an architect’s dream, a historian’s library and a traveler’s heaven where every street you pass, every structure you behold, every fountain you observe – tells a story and overwhelms you.

I not only have only the most awe-inspiring memories of this great city, but also the ruthless, new, imperfect and not so amazing views embedded in my mind. There are areas in every city where not-so-well-off dwell, non-popular artists paint their graffiti, where street lights are not so bright – and even Rome has such corners. Nonetheless, the city is an engulfing memoir of the great Roman Empire and all the greatness that was rightly and most justifiably entitled to them.

Now, some tips for my fellow travelers.

Rome is a huge city with good public transportation and multiple dwelling options. Typical B&Bs would be somewhat around 30 Euros for a night, we stayed at Emilys House B&B. You can get great deals though, which for us was the most loved site for scouring hotel deals.

Apart from roaming around Rome for at least days; one should dedicate one full day for Vatican. Oh, yes the famed holy country that lies at the heart of Rome.

Major sights in Rome (grouped by what should be done together):

  1. Collosseum, Arc of Constantine, Roman Forum & Campadoglio Square
  2. Fontana di Trevi & Pantheon
  3. Plaza di Spagna, Spanish Steps & Piazza Venezia
  4. Vatican Museums

One can spend a full day just walking through the streets of Rome and cherishing the great history that it embodies.

Since there are multiple great websites that can provide you info on above places, I will simply skip the part and share with you all my petite clicks of this vast city. Although, if you need more info or help regarding itinerary planning, do inbox me.


DSC02188DSC02190DSC02178Trevi FountainPiazza Venezia Piazza di SpagnaDSC02169Roman Forum

For photos from Vatican please see my next post.


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  1. Reblogged this on Windows into History (Reblogs and News) and commented:
    This post brings back memories of Rome! Also worth a look is the pyramid of Gaius Cestius – a bit of a walk to get there but worth it for the sheer oddity of seeing such a thing in Italy, and now sadly in a rather unflattering location where you have to dodge between some traffic to get to it. The Capitoline Museums are also brilliant. I would say a week is the minimum you need in Rome, or you are really just scratching the surface. Reblogged on Windows into History.


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