Plan Trip Yourself vs Holiday Package

If you have some time to spare for research and want to have a more fulfilling vacation then it is recommended to plan-it-yourself than taking up holiday packages as offered by the travel companies.

Here are the top 7 reasons to start planning your next trip all by yourself:-

  1. Save on service fees, which is quite obvious!
  2. Decide where you would want to spend the saved money – room upgrade, spa treatment, sumptuous lunch, adding another activity to the itinerary or simply buying any local handicraft
  3. Book better hotels as per your need and choice than what is being offered in the package. This is the second most important reason for planning trip all by yourself, as one can not only upgrade but can also book a more economical options (local B&B or Airbnb perhaps) as compared to the 3/4 starred hotel as offered in the package
  4. Accrue miles and hotel membership points on every booking you make via your account. Check out, which is one of my favorite websites for hotel booking where one gets additional membership points of one’s choice on every booking made. Other major hotel aggregators such as and give you one night free for every 5-6 nights booked through them. This is certainly an added advantage apart from getting great deals!
  5. Choose your mode of travel within city. It is certainly more fun and interesting to take ride with locals (in trams, buses or subways) than riding in bus full of tourists
  6. Drive around and enjoy the beauty of the place. In most of our trips we tend to cover 2-3 cities at least and sometimes it make more sense to simply rent a car and drive carefree.
  7. Gather immense knowledge about the places you are going to visit by researching about things to do, hotels, attractions and activities. There is no dearth of blogs, journals and websites about the single last smallest detail you might want to know before you embark on your journey. I have often volunteered to help my friends plan trips for the sole reason of learning about a new place!

Going by self-designed itinerary is truly satisfying as you have many options and you are aware of the pros-n-cons, however it is not at all an easy task! As careful planning needs substantial time and those who do not have much time to spend on details should look out for the customized travel packages.

If you have your very own reason to planning a trip by yourself do share with us!

Happy journeys!


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One comment

  1. BBQboy

    Totally agree. The major one for us is flexibility: no being stuck on someone’s else’s schedule. But 7 is also very true, you learn very little just sitting in the back seat being driven around, also have very little contact with locals. After 2 years of full-time travel where we do everything independently, we can’t imagine ever booking a holiday package.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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