Day Trip to Pisa

Italy is famous for its iconic Leaning tower of Pisa, which stands tall with just a little unintended tilt. In fact the whole area of Piazza del Duomo which has main Cathedral and Baptistery alongside the famous Bell tower is truly awe-inspiring.

How to get there

These semi-white structures built during 12th century are the main attraction in the small town of Pisa which most travellers prefer to go on a day or half’s tour. Pisa is an hour’s train ride from the more central and vibrant city of Florence and one can find many tours operating from Florence on daily basis.

Regional trains run almost every hour between Florence (train station Firenze S.M.N) and Pisa (train station Pisa Centrale) with ride time about 50 min to an hour. There are no direct trains from Rome to Pisa and one has to take connecting train in Florence.

After getting out from Pisa Centrale Train Station take the Red Line bus called as LAM Rossa from bus stop directly opposite to the station entrance on the other side of the road to directly go to the Pisa Tower (bus stop Torre which means Tower in English). The bus ride is about 5 mins. On foot it will take about 20 mins to reach Piazza del Duomo and is a pleasant walk.



Booking Tickets

It is advisable to pre-book the bell tower tickets (if you are interested in climbing up the stairs on top of the leaning beauty) via the official website, but that is only required during high seasons (June – Oct) to avoid the huge queue. During winters the crowd is comparably much thinner and tickets can be bought directly at site without fearing for long wait lines.

Train tickets can be booked on Trenitalia website, which is the national train service of Italy. Please note that station names are searchable in the Italian names so you would find ‘Roma’ instead of English Rome, ‘Firenze’ in place of Florence, ‘Milano’ for Milan, but Pisa is Pisa! Every major Italian city usually has more than 1 train station, so if you see Tutte le Stazioni in search, it simply means include All Stations.

Enjoy the pictures


Entrance to the Piazza


City of Pisa from top of the Leaning Tower


The leaning Tower in all its glory – the intended tilt is about 4 degrees, although to plain eyes it looks more than that certainly. What do you think?

Leaning Tower

Inbox me if you need help planning your itinerary.

Happy travelling!


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  1. Lovely photos! I’m curious: is there anything else to explore in Pisa besides the Leaning Tower?


  2. Hi Inês, I fear no.. but after heavy 2 days in Florence, we enjoyed some free time in Pisa by relaxing in winter sun full day 🙂 So it was pretty cool.
    However, most of the day tours organized by private agents are for just half a day considering they only cover the Leaning Tower and come back to Florence by lunch.



  3. so how did you like the views from the Leaning Tower?


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