How to best enjoy Limoncello

The famed Italian liqueur “Limochello” or as many call it “Lemonchello” is notorious for not mixing well with other spirits. But, that’s no reason to be unable to appreciate the drink as much.

I have always enjoyed the drink the traditional way, which is in a shot glass post lunch! Oh yeah, one shot in the afternoon is great to get along the rest of the day in jolly mood.


As far as over the shelf brands are concerned, I have just tried 2 – Pallini and Danny DeVito – both being on sweeter and smoother side of the spectrum. However, the best limoncellos are the homemade ones aged over 2-3 months. I am thinking to prepare some at home and would share the recipe if it turns out good. I have heard it’s extremely easy and one can control sweetness by picking particular type of raw lemons depending on taste and preference.

I also recommend tying other similar liqueurs made from Raspeberry and Peach – Raspicello and Peachcello – respectively from Pallini. Limoncellos are best to enjoy post lunch or dinner as desert liqueur.

When life gives you lemons make limoncello” !!

Happy drinking!


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  1. Kandy

    I love limoncello!! Great post


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