Must Try Italian Vegetarian Recipes

There is no dearth of excellent options for vegetarians when it comes to Italian cuisine. If you are on a trip to Italy and crave for great veggie food, then be extra indulgent in these Italian recipes.


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The classic Lasagna is top of the menu across the world and possibly you have already tried great lasagna in your local restaurant, but as famously quoted “when in Rome be like Romans”, one must try the authentic lasagna in its home country.

Other top veg favorites are Aubergine Parmigiana – fresh baked Aubergines with layers of Parmesan and tomatoes;

Garlic Basil Spaghetti – this plain sounding recipe is refreshingly light and perfect with a glass of Italian Chianti (red wine);

Pizza Ortolana – The classic peasant’s all veg pizza is as mouth-watering as it could be;

Spinach Tagliatelle – a must try Spaghetti recipe with fresh cheese seasoning.

I think Italian desserts have the most appropriate amount of sugar content that could entice both sweet-tooths and one-time devourers alike.  All time favorites are Lemon Cheese Cake, Tiramisu and Gelato (ice cream).

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Tip: Avoid gelatos at busy areas or from small open shops and try to look out for Giolitti and similar large Gelato chains for a real ice-cream moment.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – Random Quote


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    I love spaghetti! Great post wineandwhims!


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