Holiday in Verona

Verona is nothing less than a dreamy city where the rich heritage mixes with new age colors and enthusiasm like charm. One can feel the harmony flowing through its air much like the feeling one has while visiting home after long stay somewhere far away.

The city is vibrant and beaming with tourists round the year. Typically, one can explore the whole city on foot in a day, however to fully submerge in its beauty 2 days would be perfect.

Apart from the UNESCO listed historical center and the famous Arena, Verona is home to the literary famed Juliet’s house (Shakespearean play Romeo & Juliet was based in Verona and there is an actual house with the balcony, said to be the location of Juliet’s house). Couples and singles alike put in lock in the garden gates for good luck. There is a beautiful bronze statue of Juliet in the garden of La Casa di Giulietta which was removed for polishing in early 2014. It is rumoured that touching the right breast of the statue would bring luck in love, but excessive rubbing by tourists led to Verona administration ordering a replica of the bronze statue to be made.

Entry to La Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House)




The famous (fictional) Balcony




The city center is reminiscent of the earlier Roman glory and achievements. Arena di Verona hosts great opera performances for which tickets can also be bought online in advance at The Arena being a roman amphitheater has much likeliness to Rome’s Colosseum.

Beautiful City Arch


P.S. I would recommend watching the romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet” before your trip to Verona, as it will make you view the city from a more romantic angle. And then it is hard not to fall in love ❤



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